Wednesday, May 24, 2006


RADICAL (that is, TARNISHED HISTORY) argues that history is always
now, new, surprising, nothing like the mummified subject we are taught
in schools. In the first place, whatever happens in front of our
eyes is--if we faced the truth--almost impossible to define, or
understand. Why did our President decide to launch a hopeless War?
Why did Joseph Beuys, Nam June Paik, Jane Bell, and Charlotte
Moorman--my determining partners during the first live satellite video
performance broadcast to the world in 1977--decide to die. Are they
in fact dead? Am I alive? Do you know any of these things for sure,
particularly if you are my friends and colleagues abroad, in Russia,
France, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro, Japan, Korea,
Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, or Mexico, among others? No, if you
faced the truth, you don't know, for sure.

SO (now I have you where I want you)....all of life and art is
interpretation, is seeing again, as if for
the first time...which is why none of the images you are about to see,
not even the extraordinary women who have trailed this hopeless (if
tall and well-spoken, yes I'll concede that) for years...are dead,
past, historical, finished off. NO, WE MARCH ON, INTO THE NEWEST

As I said before, this will be New history, accurate in its soul, but
totally Now in its forms of expression, like the torn, battered jeans
show to us every day by Saks, Armani, and Calvin Klein. Often they
are called, as I will call our vibrant new/old art...TARNISHED. God
bless Tarnish. And he/she does, right?
d.d., 2006-2999 a.d.


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